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Register Server

Our SWBF2 (Classic) Register Server page is being updated. If you wish to register an account with us, please use our Contact Form.

Please provide us with the platform you are using (we only support PC and Playstation 2 platforms for our leaderboards) and any additional information like Server Name?, Game Mode?, Server Size?, Mod Maps? Additional settings?

What do I need?

As an SWBF2 (Classic) server admin you can register your SWBF2 (Classic) server with us to be included in Leaderboard results. You need access to your server log file called "statistics.csv" that is created in the server folder when you have "autocsvlogging" enabled or the setting is set to 1 in your ServerSettings.cfg file. This "statistics.csv" file is the file we use to process your server and player statistics. Once your account is created here at, you will be able to upload your "statistics.csv" file to our website and update your server's leaderboards on your own schedule.

Can anyone register their server here?

Anyone can register their SWBF2 (Classic) server with us. Having a professional hosting company for your server IS NOT a requirement. As long as there is a generated "statistics.csv" file, we can hook you up with leaderboards to track your server and players.

You will need a valid email address.

Is there verification of the server listings?

At one time there was verification of the server details provided to us for that server's leaderboard pages. This is no longer the case. We will provide the server details as you've submitted them to us and we will list your details on your server page.

SWBF2 server admins used to fill out the "register server" form on this page and we would verify the details provided such as FF (Friendly Fire) or bots enabled. If information provided was incorrect, we would "delist" the server until the correct information was provided.

"Delist" is a strong word here. "MOVE" the server stats is a better explanation. There were specific guidelines in place to be listed as an SWBF2 competitive server here. One such guideline was "bots" had to be turned off. If your server details didn't match, then your server listing was "moved" from the "Competitive" server listing to the "Gaming" server listing.

As an example, a gaming group could set up their SWBF2 server "without bots" and be listed on our "Competitive Servers" page. Once listed and then setup with auto-upload of the "statistics.csv" file, they could then turn on "bots", upload their "statistics.csv" file and start crushing the numbers against the other SWBF2 competitive servers listed in the "Competitive" leaderboards.

This behavior was flagged on our end because the SWBF2 competitive community insisted on the "Competitive" server listing guidelines.

What information was asked for and verified?

  • Server admins who setup an account with us had to provide what platform they were using. SWBF2 (Classic) server managers for PC and Playstation 2 were VERY similar. Both had to be run on PC and we were able to track statistics identically and we supported BOTH platforms.

  • SWBF2 server admins had to provide Server Name and Server Type. SWBF2 servers were sorted in the leaderboards by type. We had leaderboard pages for all the SWBF2 game modes that included Conquest, Heroes/Villains, CTF, Space, Hunt, and mods.

  • We needed to know server location, ip, Hosting Company, dedicated server box, or home pc. This information was needed for listing "Decriptions" on our website. Different pages listed servers based on this information.

  • Server details such as Friendly Fire, Heroes Enabled, Bots "on/off", and number of bots if they were enabled.This information was needed for listing the servers on their proper pages on our website. Different pages listed servers based on this information.

  • SWBF2 server admins that listed their server with us were able to upload an image to represent the server in the leaderboard pages and listings. We dedicated pages to servers giving them permanent URL's for promotion and bragging rights. Page information included a url back to their website or whatever url and description they requested.

Was there any personal identification associated with this information?

There was never any personal identification associated with ANY information we collected. When setting up an account here at, you were required to provide a "Username" and "Password" for the account. The "Username" field was NEVER used as someone's actual name by anyone who ever setup an account here. We didn't ask for it and didn't care. As a close knit online gaming community we knew each other by our alias names and the gaming groups we belonged to. We didn't need anything else.

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