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Some History

  • Leaderboards could be filtered starting with this page. Our website visitors could filter the leaderboards they wanted to see by faction, map, server, gaming mode, etc. Once the filtering began users would be brought to a page that again could be filtered by player, KDR (Kill Death Ratio), total points, highest score, and more.

    If a server listed here had opted for a description page, then the visitor would be brought there. All servers contributing to the our database were allowed a team's logo, a website link, or just a simple description if that's all they wanted.

  • Not all contributing servers wanted to be public or be mixed in with the public leaderboards. Just like we allowed a team to promote themselves through logo's, tournaments, and descriptive pages here at our website; we also allowed gaming groups to keep their leaderboards PRIVATE. Leaderboards would be accessible to only those that had the "hashed" link to their server. For instance, an SWBF2 community may opt to only have leaderboards for just their own members.

    These leaderboards were never added into the SWBF2 (Classic) global leaderboards for listing and so the stats created were limited to their own group. This was an ideal situation for gaming clans that were having private tournaments or SWBF2 Game Nights that ranked members on "mod maps" or experimental settings that night. Private leaderboards have never been added to the public database.

  • Our leaderboards supported "mod maps" and any SWBF2 Mod that allowed for public servers. "Mod maps" were easily added to the game and could easily generate a leaderboard once the "statistics.csv" file was uploaded to our website.

  • As 2014 closed in, our leaderboards went through some style changes and we started accumulating website users (SWBF2 Server Admins with servers listed here). A dwindling few by this point but our website had incorporated "recent searches" for contributors and their members. We also had new features for SWBF2 server pages to incorporate group listing of their servers if they had more than one server or tournament.

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