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Chewbacca: Force Guide

Overview: Chewbacca is not very powerful. His health is probably the highest in the game. His normal weapon is a Wookiee bow caster. His secondary weapon is a guided missile launcher. He also has timed bombs and a damage increase buff. He is hard to play head on against anyone and you will die often.

Chewie's movement speed is normal. His sprint is not Jedi sprint. It is just a faster than normal run speed. Due to his higher health, if you are not stunned by a push, you can flee very easily. Roll will be very useful. Like Han, Chewie's sprint can help launch him further than a normal jump. This helps you get away from the enemy.

I will say up front, that you WILL get forced as Chewie. You cannot block it, all you can do is evade as much as possible. Please please please, do not complain about being forced, since you have chosen to go into a force server.

Chewie is very visible, so you cannot hide very easily. He is a brown blob against light tan colored buildings and sand. After experimenting, it seems the easiest times to play Chewie is when it isn't very crowded. If you choose to play him when it is crowded you will be hunted and probably get very few kills. Sometimes it is fun to just bomb, but villains get easily annoyed and break off other fights to come get you.

When the enemy does not force you and is coming at you, there are a few things you can do. The first I would recommend is roll and run. If it is Vader coming at you, you have a better chance of getting away, because he has a longer recovery time from dash. One way you can get away is by cue-ing them towards a certain direction. If you see them headed your way in the distance you can move a bit in one direction. Once you do this they can assume you are going that way. Once they begin their dash attack, roll the opposite way. It is effective if they are being predictable. I would always suggest rolling the way that lets you sprint and tuck behind a building and not to a dead end.

Another way is the sprint jump. This usually works best if you have all the time in the world to get away, then you can get on roofs and hide. I usually use it when I am about to get dash attacked. If you sprint toward them and jump over them as they are attacking, their dash will carry them a little further, while your sprint jump will launch you a decent distance away. You will then have enough power left to sprint some more and get lost. You would be surprised how many people do not use the mini map. Because of this, turn as many corners as you can to lose them. Even if their dash attack hits you it generally doesn't stop you.

While running away, a good tool to use is the timed bombs. If you drop these randomly around corners, the enemy has a decent chance of running into one. The downfall to this is the timing. Because the bombs last 5 seconds before exploding, you have a hard time calculating when to drop it. Depending on the distance of the enemy, you may want to drop one right away, or you may want to wait for a couple of corners if they are still chasing you. If you get that extended distance from a sprint jump over them, head around a corner and drop one immediately. The villain will recover from their dash and probably turn around in time to see you round the corner. No ego would let a Chewie get away from them so they will chase you. It is luck of the draw with the timed bombs though.

Another side note for timed bombs. I see it all the time and have a good laugh about it. I do not recommend dropping a timed bomb at your feet and then just standing there. Many Chewie's assume that the villain will come in and saber them and then die via the bomb. Don't chance thinking you can survive, you can't. You will wind up flying and then you'll see "_____ killed Himself", followed closely by the villain who was attacking saying "lol". I also would not recommend dropping a bomb near you and then start shooting the villain. Mauls will push you and you'll be stunned and then die via your own bomb, followed by another "lol". So my biggest tip for timed bombs is: drop them and get away.

As you are running all over the place, be sure to sprint as much as possible. At least sprint while you cross open areas. As mentioned in previous chapters, choke does not stop a person in mid sprint. So to avoid being stopped mid destination, sprint between buildings.

I won't focus much on the rage buff, except that it is a group buff. It requires you to be near an ally for it to affect you too. Otherwise you'll just execute it and you won't be powered up. This buff is helpful for your wookiee bowcaster, but other than that, I haven't notice it help the guided missile damage.

The wookiee bowcaster isn't that strong of a weapon. I can charge up and be a bit more powerful, but when fully charged it takes extremely good aim. With a full charge head shot I was not able to kill an Emperor, so it is not a killing weapon. When you shoot it anywhere before it being fully charged, it releases multiple bolts that spread further apart the farther they go. This weapon is really only an annoyance. You can die to it when low health, but you will not be sniped across the zone by it. It does have a double zoom that can help with the aim, but I rarely used it. The most power I got from it was when the enemy is close and I charge it to near full and release. The more of the bolts that hit, the more damage it does. The further charge it is, the more damage it does (minus full charge). This is good for Fetts who flame you then fly away or if someone low health is coming directly at you.

Now on to the fun part, guided missiles.

The guided missile is a very powerful tool when used properly. It takes a lot of practice to aim, and it does equal damage to enemy and team. Most Chewie's wind up hitting their own teammates more than the enemies, so aim for the darkly dressed characters. Chewie has a limited supply of these missiles (4), and you will wind up camping next to an ammo droid as you practice. The best way to describe the flight of these missiles is that they have the same control set as SWBFII space.

The longer that the missile is "sprinting" the more damage it does. You can roll the missile just as you would a fighter but at top velocity, it doesn't help. The best way to pick a target is first flying over them to make sure they are an enemy, then circle around and begin your sprint. Make sure to look at your aiming reticle and not at the missile. Try to keep the center of your target directly on the enemy and again, don't look at the missile itself. If you hit them at full velocity directly on their body, they will die. This happens very rarely and you wind up usually taking two or more shots to kill someone. If you don't kill them fire again right away and line yourself up for that same spot. You won't know if you've killed them for a few seconds because they fly away. The easiest kills are Fetts camping out on the tall spires, if they are busy aiming they won't realize you've hit them for a bit, which may give you time to bomb again. If you do not sprint the missile, it can still do damage but not as much. You also have a likelier chance of hitting the enemy on the body or head.

Make sure if you kill someone via a missile, to relocate pretty quickly. Your enemy will want revenge for taking that nice somersaulting trip to their death. Switch to a different area or ammo droid. If they are destroyed, just get on Han real quick to repair.

Once you get pretty good at the guided missiles and can kill someone in two, I recommend finding places hidden and away from the ammo droids. The droids are where they will first look and if you are not there, they're out of luck. Memorize where the ammo droids are and just go to them for a refresh and then find another hidden spot. If you camp an ammo droid too long, you will die more quickly.

As you are flying the missile and notice you are being hit (bottom left hand corner), drive the missile into a building to be warped back to 3 rd person Chewie. Roll away and begin evade tactics, if you are not stunned.

Just a gentle reminder, again: You WILL be killed as Chewie. Moving on,

Chewie vs. Fetts: As the other Hero gunners, you will get flamed a lot. As Chewie though, the flame doesn't affect you nearly as much so they will end up sniping you from a distance usually. If they are staying in one spot, try to duck in and out of sight and use your bowcaster. You can also quickly fire a missile and don't sprint it at them, just hit them. This will weaken them. If they flame you and fly away, you can usually get 2 or 3 decent shots with the bowcaster. Don't forget, the further they are, the less damage your bowcaster will do because of the spread effect. If they are busy shooting someone else and you are close enough, try a couple full charged and double zoomed headshots. It will get them down fairly far. Other than that, just keep running, hiding, and sneaking a shot in.

Chewie vs Maul: There is truly not much you can do against a Maul who has pushed you and you are stunned. It will take them a while to kill you because of your health, but Maul's saber combo has a decent knockdown feature that will be your downfall. If the Maul wants to go no force against you and try a few dashes, be sure to be facing them unless an object hides you. If your back is turned and they dash you, you usually get knocked over. The sprint jump directly at them works pretty well against a Maul. Most Mauls do not slow down their dash and can give you time to get away. Change levels and roofs as much as possible when being hunted by a Maul. What you are really trying to do when you flee is hopefully confuse them enough for you to drop a bomb that they will happen upon, or they will get into another fight and forget about you.

Chewie vs. Chokers: If they already have you in a choke, start mashing your roll. There is that half a second moment when you can usually get away between them dropping choke and beginning to saber you. Be very sure to sprint if you do get away, because it won't stop you. You can also get away from Vader's float-choke easily by rolling forward. The choker's dashes tend to be straight. So don't run in a straight line when running away.

If you do not mind dying and getting the occasional fun kill, Chewie is for you. If you do not like dying or being thrown around a lot, he is not for you. If you want to live, do not stand your ground, for you will lose.


Chewbacca: Non-Force Guide

Non force Chewie is very similar to force Chewie, so I will just do some reminders like I did with Han.

The first thing you will want to practice is your sprint jumping. Chewie seems to have an extra knack for getting out of the way of a saber if you sprint jump over your enemy. So if they are dashing you, or starting their saber combo, sprint then jump just before you reach them. You may recieve a little damage but by the time you land you can run away while they are still recovering from their dash or combo.

Many people use Chewie in non force just to be annoying. His rockets do great damage if aimed properly. Find a good spot to shoot them from, circle around the map once or twice and if you see a villain, line up your shot and sprint to make it go fast.

Some people just let the rockets go around really slow, and this is effective if you hit them directly on the body. Sometimes if you aim the missle right at their head you can get an insta kill when going slow. You have more maneuverability when you are not sprinting the rocket. If you do manage to get a kill, be sure to relocate soon after, because you just gave away your position.

His gun is good for close shots that do some damage. If you don't hold it down all the way but let it charge to above half and then shoot your opponent, a lot of damage will be done. Even more damage is done if you hit them with the entire shot before it spreads out and some of the bolts miss. Roll-shoot-shoot is pretty effective, but don't be too predictable by making a pattern with your rolls.

Don't camp near the ammo droids, because it's the first place the enemy looks. Get ammo, then go find a spot. Once you're out of missles, go load up, and find another spot.

Other than that, just read up on the Chewie force guide since a lot more tips are there.

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