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This website has become a restoration project. The goal is to restore all the SWBF2 classic leaderboards and pages as they originally were when the SWBF2 server files were originally uploaded. We have all the databases still intact and we still have the original files to build those databases again if need be.

As of now, there is no time line for completion of the project but the goal is early 2024. Leaderboards and query pages should come back on board when completed and as they were when the SWBF2 classic game was originally released.

-SWBF2stats.net Staff


Our website collected online playing statistics exclusively for the online multiplayer game "Star Wars Battlefront II (Classic)" and we provided competitive resource guides and leaderboards to the SWBF2 community.

Leaderboard statistics for Star Wars Battlefront II (Classic) game servers are based on their community, game type, factions, maps and individual player's' statistics (kills, deaths, score and K/D ratio).

How may we direct you?

  • Overall player and server standings for all of our listed leaderboards can be filtered for better and more specific results.
  • Mawk's Hero and Villains Guides along with iOn's SWBF2 HV Damage Chart can be found with our other listed Resources.
  • If you are an SWBF2 (Classic) server admin, AND you have access to your server's online player list through the "statistic.csv" file, you can use our Keyhash Search tool to help identify players on your SWBF2 (Classic) game server by using the encrypted online hash for that player from your server file.
  • SWBF2 (Classic) Players can use our Player Search tool to look up the overall playing statistics of a particular player and then search for the statistics on a particular server by using the "Server Search Form" located on each server's statistics page.

If you have access to your current SWBF2 (Classic) "statistics.csv" file, OR you have a collection of archived "statistic.csv" files, these can easily be added to our database for current leaderboards statistics and individual player rankings for your SWBF2 (Classic) server.

All submitted server files are updated automatically to our leaderboards database nightly. Once you've registered and have set up your account with us, SWBF2 Server Admins can then upload their statistics.csv file on their own schedule; daily, weekly or monthly. The statistics listed on our leaderboards are as "current" as the server admin wants them to be.

We support both the PC version and the PS2 version of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Classic) game. Server admins of either platform can set up SWBF2 (Classic) server statistics and individual player rankings based upon their own files or as a collective whole added on to our database.

For more information on our SWBF2stats.net history, check out our FAQ and about pages.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments... please use the Contact form for all correspondence.

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