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The Fetts: Force Guide

Overview: The Fetts are overall weak characters. Their health is normal. They do not use lightsabers or force powers. They each have a mainhand gun, a flamethrower, wrist-rockets, and a set of bombs or mines. They have jetpacks that they can fly with. The Fetts die very often but have occasional moments of brilliance.

The movement speed of the Fetts is normal. Their sprint is not Jedi sprint so they can be caught up to by any non-gunner very easily. You will spend more time flying as a Fett but if you do run, change directions often before you take off flying again.

You will die A LOT as a Fett. This is a fact that you need to get use to if you're going to play one. You will be pulled, pushed, and will eat a lot of sabers. Don't let this get to you, because if you get really frustrated with a Fett you might as well not play one. And please don't complain publically about being forced as a gunner, you know my opinions on this.

Main Gun: Jango's main gun is a Westar-33 Blaster. This gun you have to click to get each shot. It is not as accurate as Leia's but it can still snipe very well. The accuracy is slowly lost the further you are shooting. You can enhance your longer shots by zooming in. Be careful with this though. I noticed that I barely looked at the mini-map while I was sniping someone as Jango, so I was surprised a lot. If you can, keep one eye on your mini-map for enemies approaching you. To a hero, you are a free kill if you aren't paying attention. So keep a heads up. The best shot is of course the headshot. You won't get as may headshots from really far away so I would aim for the body at the great distances, unless they are standing still. You will want to re-locate often because this gun leaves a long purple trail as it shoots, so they just have to follow the angle to find you.

Boba's main gun is a E-33 Blaster Rifle. With this gun, all you have to do is click once to get a 3-bolt shot. It can snipe fairly well if you are an accurate shooter. The bolts actually go to where you are aiming compared to Jango's gun. The 3-bolts spread out over the larger distances. The good thing about this gun is that it takes a decent amount of health if you hit head or body. I primarily use it for getting their health down as they approach me. I don't use it as often for sniping since if they move just a little bit out of the way you won't get them. It is very good if you have someone standing there not doing anything. A triple headshot generally kills most heroes.

Flamethrower: Both of the Fett's have a flamethrower. This is what's known as a dot, or Damage Over Time. So if you flame someone not only does it do damage initially, but it does more damage over the next few seconds. This replaces your primary weapon so you cannot shoot and flamethrow at the same time. The flamethrower is best for when the enemy is lower health and you want to pick them off and run away. I also use flame to do a fly-by against a pusher. Pushers will be your easiest targets. You will fly more than walk and when you are off the ground they cannot stun you with a push unless they are above you. So I usually swoop by a pusher and flame them and fly away. One thing to note with the flamethrower, is that one click usually takes 20 ammo away. Sometimes it's less, but usually it's 20. So if you hold the button down it uses a lot more. The enemy will be damaged a bit more if you hold it down, but it's almost a waste of your ammo.

Wrist Rockets: The wrist-rockets are the Fett's primary right click weapon. You have only 5 wrist rockets to use, so conserve them to when you can do the most damage. Against most of the heroes, one direct rocket hit will take them down to 2/3 health. There are two crucial times to use the wrist rockets. The first is using this along with sniping. Because it is the right click you can actually click your main gun and this at the same time. If you have a character not moving it works best. You line up your zoom with the enemy's head, then you right click your rocket. As it is flying toward them begin to click your gun. If they don't move they will die very quickly. I usually wait til the rocket almost hits them to start firing, because they may start moving if they get hit by your gun bolts. The other time you should use the wrist rockets is when the enemy is hiding behind an object. Usually if you have a hero at low health they will try to hide behind objects as they make their way toward you or to safety. If you fire just at the edge of these objects you may get a piece of them, depending on how close they are to the edge. If they get hit this generally means they will try to run away, so you can pick them off with your gun.

One concern that must be mentioned, is blocking. If you shoot a wrist rocket directly at a blocking hero, they have a chance of deflecting it back to you. If you see them blocking aim toward where they are standing just to the side of their feet. This surpasses block but still does damage as it hits the ground/object they are standing on.

Bombs/Mines: Jango Fett has timed bombs like Chewbacca. Unlike Chewbacca though, Jango can fly. The funnest trick to do with the timed bombs is to drop them into a crowd of heroes. Most heroes spend their time in the open because they don't have to avoid pulling. So just do a flyby and drop a bomb down, you may catch one or two. The bombs are also good for if someone is chasing you on the ground. If you are making lots of turns as you are running from someone, drop a bomb on the ground. Hopefully they'll pass by it looking for you. The only other instance I use the timed bombs are when I'm on a roof shooting and I see an enemy headed up to me to saber me. Drop a bomb and fly away, and hopefully you will snag them. The timed bombs last 5 seconds so it's tough to exactly calculate it.

Boba's remote mines (detpacks) on the other hand, are easy to calculate. Most of the tricks of remote mines I listed with Han's guide. Boba does have a jetpack however so he can fly over someone and drop a mine on the ground and detonate it when someone is close. I like to use the spire near hero default. I drop a mine kind of in the middle of that road leading to villain default. I then hide behind the spire to avoid being pulled (on the lip below the top) and wait for a hero to pass by. If a hero quickly sees the mine but aren't being shot at they will think a Han dropped it. Just detonate as they pass by or over it. The target of the mine is so small most won't flash their mouse over it to check if it's enemy or ally. The mines are also good for when someone is jumping up to your roof. Put the mine at your feet and wait for the last second to fly away and detonate when they land trying to swing at you.

Fetts Vs. Gunners: You actually have the advantage over the hero gunners. They all 3 have more health than you but you can fly and flamethrow. Do not expose your head to a Leia, and do not fly directly at a Han. Both of their shots can take your health way down or kill you before you get to them. I would stay away from a Chewie unless they are busy shooting rockets. Sometimes you can just drop a bomb or mine at Chewie's feet and begin shooting and wait for the bomb to explode (or detonate the mine). Chewie has more health than Han or Leia so it's almost a waste to use your flame on him. With Han and Leia, get in close and use your flame then hide, come back once your reticule shows no red and finish them off. Don't get close enough to be mined by Han, and be careful of Leia's headshots.

Fetts Vs. Pullers: Oh boy will you be pulled. You will be pulled so much that you will want to kill yourself. The best tactic against pullers is to avoid them. Unless they are below you and not looking, you most likely cannot take them. If you are on a roof do not wait until they land to jump and fly away, you need to do it as they are jumping up. If you do not they will land, turn and pull you. Use objects to block your entire body from a puller, because the game makes it so if they can see any part of you, you can be yanked away from the object. You can also snipe them from great distances, but this usually makes them come after you. I sometimes snipe a puller from their roof so they come down and after me, and switch to Vader at a spawn point as they approach. It's like "SURPRISE!" *choke*. Anyhoo, just keep your distance.

Fetts Vs. Pushers: These are going to be the easiest for you to kill. Unless you are on their level or below them, they cannot stun you with push. Be sure to stay flying or above them when you are near. They will push and then you can activate jetpack and fly away. Use the flamethrower as you perform flybys on the pushers. They will chase you. Just stay at a distance and shoot them, or flame if they get close. Don't get in saber range. Make sure you keep an eye on your rocket fuel too. Let it recharge as long as you can before taking off again.

I probably have forgotten a couple tricks for the Fetts, but I don't play them often.


The Fetts: Non-Force Guide

The Fetts in non force is actually quite easy. It's pathetic really. It's almost like cheat-mode on. In fact, I don't really like Fetts in non force.

You don't have to worry about being pulled, you don't have to worry about being pushed. Fetts were already easy to use against pushers but non force is twice as easy against everyone!

I'll just drop a few reminders, but use the same tactics as you would in force. If you need a few pointers on that, visit the force guide for the Fetts.

First off, flame is your friend. Jetpack is your friend. If you use these smartly, you won't die very often. If you are on a server that allows right clicks, then wrist rockets are also your friend.

The best way to survive as a Fett in non force is to always keep an eye on your jetpack. Always try to land in a safe place. If a hero has been jumping up to get you they won't be able to chase you right away if you fly off to another roof.

As a Jango, try to snipe them from a distance. If you get enough of their health off, they will start hiding. This is when you will hunt them. Be careful for ambush points. Don't look over a short roof edge that they are below, you'll get a saber to the face. Flame them to finish them.

As Boba, you can get closer and aim some well placed blaster shots (center mass) and get their health to below half, then finish them with flame.

You can also just wait for them to come to you and flame them and then fly away. You don't have to hold flame down to do damage, it's a d.o.t. (damage over time) so it will take it away even after just one click.

Evasion is your best tactic to use. Don't stay on the ground level except to turn a corner and jetpack away, or to reload of course. Otherwise just stay on roofs as much as possible.

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